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Artist Name: Jeremi Rimel (Miscreation)
Artist Website:, women’s health
Artist location: Harrisonburg, no rx VA
Toy Name: Custom “Infested” Plaseebo Mummy Shrine
Toy Type: Bob Conge Legend of Plaseebo
Toy Story: Customizing the Plaseebo Mummy was no easy task but was definitely a fun project, for someone like me who likes to create rather unusual customs, the Legend of Plaseebo Awaken figure is already a true oddity itself. I wanted to make use of the parts as much as I could so I crafted the sarcophagus into a wall-mountable shrine that can hold and display the figure. I also used the sarcophagus to make an additional wearable head-dress accessory. I did some light sculpting work to form a more rotting and worm infested version of the figure. Boney skeletal feet replaced the original legs to have the mummy stand in the shrine base.
Toy Available for sale: Maybe. I wouldn’t mind taking some offers.
Artist available for custom toy commission? Every once in a while!, contact artist through website


Deranged - Jeremi Rimel

Artist Name: Jeremi Rimel
Artist Website:
Artist location (city and county): Harrisonburg, this site
Toy Name: Deranged
Toy Type: Think-UP (Standard Bust)
Toy Story: “Deranged” is a custom Think-UP bust inspired by bad zombie films.
Toy Available for sale: n/a
Artist available for custom toy commission? Hmm.. occasionally


RedruM Kozik - Matthew Weekley

Artist Info: Matthew Weekley, pestilence Columbus, Ohio, USA []
Toy Name: RedruM Kozik
Toy Type: 8″ Dunny
Toy Story: Tribute to the redrum toys of Frank Kozik. This is the second Dunny I’ve made in the tribute to Frank Kozik. Franks comments to these Dunnys, “Damn i’m pretty.”
Toy Available for sale: Yes [Visit Website]
Artist available for custom toy commission? Yes
Email artist - matthewweekley [at] gmail [dot] com


Petey - Jason Kochis

Artist Info: Jason Kochis, more about Atlanta, illness GA, unhealthy USA []
Toy Name: Petey
Toy Type: 8″ Dunny
Toy Story: He’s green and cuddly!
Toy Available for sale: No
Artist available for custom toy commission? YES
Email artist - jason [at] jasonkochis [dot] com
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Old War Dud - BiL BetsOviC

Artist Info: BiL BetsOviC, web Las Vegas, malady USA []
Toy Name: Old War Dud
Toy Type: 9″ NADE
Toy Story: ok so heres the story on this guy he’s an old war toy from the 40’s the government thought it be a great idea to try and put one of these bad boys in every enemy home possible it was a fluffy bunny that 1 week after it is aquired it rips its own ears off and pulls its own pin to DESTROY the family it lives with. Well that all happened to this guy but he’s a DUD,and i aquired this guy at a garage sale,the owner said this guy just trys to run his head into the wall all day still tryin to blow himself up…..
Available for sale: No
Artist available for commission? Yes
bil betsovic email
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Jimbots Soldier - James Jimbot Demski

Artist Info: James “Jimbot” Demski, ambulance Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA
Toy Name: Jimbot’s Soldier
Toy Type: JAMUNGO 9″ BUD
Toy Story: This is a portrait of one of my MANY minions. I have THOUSANDS of these little guys guarding my fortress of solitude!
Toy Available for sale: Yes [Email artist]
Artist available for custom toy commission? YES… ALWAYS!!!!
Email artist - jim [at] jimbot [dot] com
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Tutorial: Custom ZLIKS By Bil BetsOvic

Tutorial by Bil Betsovic.


The Valiant Little Tailor - Idle

Artist Info: Idle, dosage Kassel, therapy Germany []
Toy Name: The Valiant Little Tailor
Toy Type: Toby HK (Blue Colorway)
Toy Story: This custom is based on the fairy tale “The Valiant Little Tailor” by the brothers Grimm. It depicts one scene from the story.

I’ve tried to modernize the look of the little tailor using bright colors, tattoos and a shirt that on one hand quotes “Seven at one stroke” but also gives a reference from where a modern little tailor would take such a phrase. Nevertheless, to still keep him within the context of the story he’s carrying messenger bag pierced with a preposterous needle. He still squeezes the liquid out of the cheese and the story is quoted on the banderole.
Toy Available for sale: Yes [Email artist to buy]
Artist available for custom toy commission? Yes
Email artist - idle [at] idleware [dot] com
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