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He Smile Me – Augiewan

Sep 7, 2009 Author: Raphael | Filed under: Augiewan


Artist name: Augiewan
Artist website:
Artist location: Michagan, page
Toy Name: He Smile Me
Toy Type: Rolitoboy figure with acrylic paint
Toy Story: Dressed up for a romantic night out, He Smile Me waits for his radiant wife She Smile Me…
Artist available for commission? Contact artist through website –

Cinnamon – Augiewan

Apr 17, 2008 Author: Tahir | Filed under: Artists, Augiewan, Mini Vinyl Toys, U.B.Funkey

Artist Name: Augiewan
Artist Website: |
Artist location: Michagan, hair
Toy Name: Cinnamon
Toy Type: U.B.Funkey
Toy Story: Cinnamon is one of those “spice of life” types, salve
always ready to add a little attitude to the situation.
Toy Available for sale: No
Artist available for custom toy commission? YES, medications
Contact artist through website





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