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The Jellymech Incident - Kenn Munk

Artist Name: Kenn Munk
Artist Website:
Artist location: Ã…rhus, order Denmark
Toy Name: The Jellymech Incident
Toy Type: Sqwert
Toy Story: In the late sixites, like so many times before, evolution took place.
This time it happened in the sea, which at this point was getting crowded and lifeforms were getting pushed towards the shores. This caused jellyfish to evolve. Some developed stingers to create some more space around them, some developed a knack for engineering and by around 1974 they had developed a mechanized suit that would allow them to move out of the sea and onto land without loss of mobility or wetness.
By 1981 the jellyfish stopped all production of mecha and decided to stay in the sea. The reason for scrapping the Jellymecha project was that even though the mecha were of excellent mobility, jellyfish’ sense of of balance doesn’t really work out of the sea and quite often they’d topple over.
Furthermore, Jellyfish engineers never really took gravity into their calculations as they don’t use it in their everyday life in the sea.
As a result the mecha couldn’t withstand hitting the ground, so whenever a Jellymech pilot lost his balance, his mech would break.
Broken jellymecha with desperate-looking jellyfish in them would often be seen lying around on the shores of the countries surrounding the North Sea between 1974 and 1980-81, but never for very long as dogs would find their leaking, stinking oil perfect for rolling around in and thus crush them beyond recognition.
Toy Available for sale: No
Artist available for custom toy commission? YES – Contact artist through website


NiceBunny Deck – Brian Castleforte

May 16, 2007 Author: Tahir | Filed under: Artists, Brian Castleforte

ROUBA - Federico Gonzalez

Artist Name: Federico Gonzalez
Artist Website:
Artist location: Argentina
Toy Name: ROUBA
Toy Type: Kinetic vinyl
Toy Story: Represents the automata person and the way it becomes a toy
Toy Available for sale: Yes
Artist available for custom toy commission? YES [Contact artist through website]


Mutation Sensations - somanyprojects

Artist Info: Somanyprojects, pancreatitis Barcelona, ambulance Spain []
Toy Name: Mutation Sensations
Toy Type: Plush
Toy Story: The Mutation Sensations were all born to the Puta Madre (Mother Bitch) who was accidentally created by god on the 8th and forgotten, seek never spoken of. She went around the world having sex with anything until 8 years later she gave birth to everything crooked and mutated in the world. There are some serious questions about depleted uranium’s effect on her birthing. These are all recycled from abandoned love.
Toy Available for sale: Not this one [Check website]
Artist available for custom toy commission? YES, and I am available for workshops which is the market circles I prefer to move in
Email artist -
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Deddy Bear - Brian Castleforte

Artist Info: Brian Castleforte, rx Los Angeles, help USA [, cost]
Toy Name: Deddy Bear
Toy Type: Custom Plush
Toy Story: Don’t see too many customized plush toys, so I thought I’d have a go at it. Would love some feedback on it.
Toy Available for sale: Not at the moment
Artist available for custom toy commission? Sure
Email artist -
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Moody Group Shot - Ted Stilson

Artist Info: Ted Stilson, arthritis Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada []
Toy Name: Moody group shot – includes customs created by Tyson Summers, Shin Tanaka, Uamou artist – Ayako Takagi, Bloo Empire, Ted Stilson, Aaron Keeling, Dan ‘Wavedog’ Fenelon, Figurepunk, Matt Connelly, Khayne Tan, Shanell Papp
Toy Type: 8″ Moody
Toy Story: These guys love to mug it up for the camera.
Toy Available for sale: Will be going on sale after November show at Helen Christou Gallery in Lethbridge.
Artist available for custom toy commission? Yes
Email artist -
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