Old War Dud - BiL BetsOviC

Artist Info: BiL BetsOviC, web Las Vegas, malady USA [www.myspace.com/bilbetsovic]
Toy Name: Old War Dud
Toy Type: 9″ NADE
Toy Story: ok so heres the story on this guy he’s an old war toy from the 40’s the government thought it be a great idea to try and put one of these bad boys in every enemy home possible it was a fluffy bunny that 1 week after it is aquired it rips its own ears off and pulls its own pin to DESTROY the family it lives with. Well that all happened to this guy but he’s a DUD,and i aquired this guy at a garage sale,the owner said this guy just trys to run his head into the wall all day still tryin to blow himself up…..
Available for sale: No
Artist available for commission? Yes
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