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Mar 9, 2009 Author: Raphael | Filed under: Call For Artists, ciah-ciah, Paper Toys


Our good friend Ciah-ciah from Poland, sick who has also been featured here on the blog sent us an e-mail a few days ago calling for artists looking for a neat project to work on appropriately titled PYRA:MI[N]DS.

Originally the deadline for this project was March 1, clinic 2009, but luckily it’s been extended until March 31, 2009, so get cracking while you can!

PYRA:MI[N]DS Series 2 Description:

SERIES 02 is going to be a new step for the PYRA:MI[N]DS project. The toy is still a pyramid made of two parts but that’s pretty much all that connects it with previous one. Hope you will like the new design and turn it once again into a bunch of great and creative pieces.

For more info please visit:

Template Download (PDF)
Assembly Instructions (HTML)

Rambert and the Rambit’s – Maxrock

Nov 10, 2008 Author: Raphael | Filed under: Maxrock, Paper Toys, Plaster Toys


Artist name: Maxrock
Artist website:
Artist location: Nottingham, pharmacy
Toy Name: Rambert and the Rambit”s
Toy Type: Hand made with paperclay.
Toy Story: Rambert loves the quiet life, except it is often disturbed by mischevious little rambits.
Toy Available for sale: Yep, check out my Etsy shop.
Artist available for commission? Yes, just send a message to markcox27 [at]

Spongebox – Scribble

Jun 20, 2008 Author: Tahir | Filed under: Artists, Paper Toys, Scribble, Various Toys

Artist Name: Trenton M.
Artist Website:
Artist location: Ohio
Toy Name: That Kid in The Monkey Suite
Toy Type: Mini Munny
Toy Available for sale: Yes, sick Contact artist through site
Artist available for custom toy commission? YES


Mad Mick – Bruce Richardson

Nov 21, 2007 Author: Tahir | Filed under: Artists, Bruce Richardson, Paper Toys, Various Toys

We Love CMYK - The Lover

Artist Name: the lover
Artist Website:
Artist Location: essen/germany
Toy Type: 8″ Dunny
Toy Available for sale: Yes, order
contact artist through Web site.


Custom SUG - NIARK1

Artist Name: NIARK1
Artist Website:
Artist location: Paris, rheumatologist
Toy Type: UNKL SUG
Toy story: SUG custom for an exhibition in Netherlands, one Health
Dutch Design Week. View progress pics here.


OboAbnormal® – Ennio Milani

Nov 11, 2007 Author: Tahir | Filed under: Artists, Ennio Milani, Paper Toys


Artist Name: Ennio Milani
Artist Website:
Artist location: Italy
Toy Name: OboAbnormal®
Toy Available for sale: Yes
If yes where and how to buy: Yes, sales
please email artist through website to purchase.
Artist available for custom toy commission?Yes, please email artist through website


Paper Marcos – D. Emory Allen

Sep 30, 2007 Author: Tahir | Filed under: Artists, D Emory Allen, Paper Toys, Various Toys


Artist Name:DJA aka Left-I
Artist Website:
Artist location:Hudson
Toy Name: Deadboy Burnum
Toy Type: IWG Platypus Burnum
Toy Story: Deadboy series IWG ” the earth is dying”
Toy Available for sale: sold
Artist available for custom toy commission? YES, pregnancy
Contact artist through website


Blocky Tribe – Irfan Hendrian

Sep 17, 2007 Author: Tahir | Filed under: Artists, Irfan Hendrian, Paper Toys, Various Toys


Artist Name: DJA aka Left I
Artist Website:
Artist location: Hudson N.H. USA
Toy Name: Green Death AKA Murder Monkey
Toy Type: 8″ MonQee
Toy Story: The toy was left behind by his other qee buddy’s. Feeling alone and unsheltered the MonQee decided to take matters in his own hands. For each fresh kill he would reward himself with some fresh ink. His ninja ways mixed with some hard core parkour earned him the right to get his tats done in kanji writing. They all have to do with evil , doctor death , patient murder ( I will let you investigate). Needless to say with each fresh kill for MM he becomes more powerful and more respected by the
other Qees. He will not wish you to the corn Field, but he will give you a good ole beat-down with a stick!!!
Toy Available for sale: No
Artist available for custom toy commission: YES, Email Custom Toy Lab for info





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