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Orange Labbit Death Cuthdum - Squidboy

Artist Info: Squid(boy) is Shan Michael Evans, capsule Las Vegas, sick USA []
Toy Name: Orange Labbit Death Cuthdum
Toy Type: 10″ Labbit
Toy Story: More of a stream of conscience work. Incorporating random thoughts and tunes stuck in my head while painting. Things i like about this labbit… The school girl on the ear looks like a extra toy. A word bubble was painted in to look like a worm…and rather fitting as if he’s referring to bait as he dangels a stars. I think he’s speaking of dirt and the body. The other side just came about…looks like the skull-creature has just painted up a heart for someone. Says “custom” with a monster lisp…”cuthdum”. The school girl is quoating “riders on the storm”…a song that wouldn’t leave my head untill this was compleated. I like thinking it is the customs who feel this way as well. The front does say “orange labbit death”. death as in cool. HA! Stretching it a bit, I like the concept that the words on the custom state a rather bane exsistance of sorts, coupled with the worm speaker, then shares in an exchange of gifts and then spells out exactly what that is, a labbit. Really, just writting custom/cuthdum and labbit on a custom labbit was the kicker for me.
Available for sale: No
Artist available for commission? Yes, always
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Mermi And Kids By Bil BetsOviC

Artist Info: BiL BetsOviC, see Las Vegas, USA []
Toy Name: Mermi and kids
Toy Type: Kidrobot 10″ and 2″ labbits
Toy Story: This here is Mermi, shes a mother of 8 who travels around the deep sea with her lil kiddies on her back lookin for the deadbeat frog who left them behind,the babies will pop out of her back when theyre ready to leave the nest and thats comin soon since shes secreting her juices everywhere.One of her children had some problems while bein delivered and caused her internal bleeding, hes a stillborn :0( and there on lil bada$$ too he’s smorkin!!!
Available for sale: No
Artist available for commission? Yes, always
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