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Mar 9, 2009 Author: Raphael | Filed under: Call For Artists, ciah-ciah, Paper Toys


Our good friend Ciah-ciah from Poland, sick who has also been featured here on the blog sent us an e-mail a few days ago calling for artists looking for a neat project to work on appropriately titled PYRA:MI[N]DS.

Originally the deadline for this project was March 1, clinic 2009, but luckily it’s been extended until March 31, 2009, so get cracking while you can!

PYRA:MI[N]DS Series 2 Description:

SERIES 02 is going to be a new step for the PYRA:MI[N]DS project. The toy is still a pyramid made of two parts but that’s pretty much all that connects it with previous one. Hope you will like the new design and turn it once again into a bunch of great and creative pieces.

For more info please visit:

Template Download (PDF)
Assembly Instructions (HTML)


Call Description: Attention vinyl addicts, phimosis toy customizers, anabolics and DIY freaks. APW Gallery is now accepting submissions for their biggest toy show yet.
Submission Deadline: February 28, about it 2009
E-mail Contact: info [at]

What are you waiting for? This is your opportunity to have your work displayed in a gallery! If you have stumbled upon our website and made a submission, don’t forget to mention finding out about the call from Custom Toy Lab.

Zo-E's Boyfriend - D.J.A.

Artist Name: DJA aka Left I
Artist Website:
Artist location: Hudson NH, USA
Toy Name: Zo-E s Boyfreind
Toy Type: (8″ Dog Qee)
Toy Story: One day at the park my dog was running around when another approached her and started mounting her , Zo-E just sat there and took it like a woman much to my surprise. So this was made after the dog who mounted my queen B.
Toy Available for sale: Yes, contact artist through website.
Artist available for custom toy commission? Yes, contact artist through website.





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