Mr. Sloth - Marie Winger-Meyer

Artist Name: Marie Winger-Meyer
Artist Website:
Artist location: Hollow Rock, patient TN, skincare USA
Toy Name: Mr. Sloth
Toy Type: 17 inch felt toy
Toy Story: He was designed for a customer whose brother loved Sloths. Stuffed sloths are an elusive species, and she had not been able to catch one in the wild, even with their slowpoke reputation. She gave me ideas, I sent her a drawing, then everything was ready to go. Mr.Sloth came into the world late one Saturday night during a creative burst of energy. It was obvious right away he was going to be a charmer, ready for fun and adventure. He made his trip from Tennessee to California in a personal box transportation device and now happily lives with two cats near the beach. He keeps asking for a Mrs.Sloth, or so I’ve heard.
Toy Available for sale: No (but we will make more if asked)
Artist available for custom toy commission: YES, contact artist through website