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Rambert and the Rambit’s – Maxrock

Nov 10, 2008 Author: Raphael | Filed under: Maxrock, Paper Toys, Plaster Toys


Artist name: Maxrock
Artist website:
Artist location: Nottingham, pharmacy
Toy Name: Rambert and the Rambit”s
Toy Type: Hand made with paperclay.
Toy Story: Rambert loves the quiet life, except it is often disturbed by mischevious little rambits.
Toy Available for sale: Yep, check out my Etsy shop.
Artist available for commission? Yes, just send a message to markcox27 [at]

Devil Punk - D.J.A.

Artist Name: DJA aka Left I
Artist Website:
Artist location: Hudson NH, medications
Toy Name: Devil Punk
Toy Type: Custom Devil Punk made from polymer clay.
Toy Story: Bred to be a leader in the urban and designer vinyl world. We all need a leader and the Devil Punk is your toy for the job, treatment
with no remorse, his favorite past time is killing false vinyl. He is on the rise and recently recruited an army of Dunnys and an army of secret base Skull Bees. Some say he is the next Adolph Hitler, but we view him more like the next Che Guevara!
Toy Available for sale: Not at this time, trying to get him spun in vinyl
Artist available for custom toy commission? Yes, contact artist through website.


Mr Mint-Man – Jon Daulby

Sep 11, 2007 Author: Tahir | Filed under: Artists, Jon Daulby, Plaster Toys, Various Toys

Mr Mint-Man - Jon Daulby

Artist Name: Jon Daulby
Artist Website:
Artist location: London, England
Toy Name: Mr Mint-man
Toy Type: Hand-made, plaster resin, about 3 inches tall, comes in 3 colours
Toy Story: He is inspired by everybody’s favourite mint flavoured drop
Available for sale: Yes, £10 from
Artist available for commission? Yes, Contact artist through website





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