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Psycho Aglet – Kye Pirrie

May 25, 2010 Author: Raphael | Filed under: Kidrobot 4" Mini Munny, Kye Pirrie


Artist name: Kye Pirrie
Artist website:
Artist location: Redondo Beach, drug CA
Toy Name: Psycho Aglet
Toy Type: Kidrobot 4″ Mini Munny
Toy Story: Mascot for my Kickstarter Project:
Toy Available for sale: Yes, purchase All my Mini Munnies are $50, as seen on my Kickstarter page. You can email me, pledge on the project for a custom one, or drop me a line on Facebook.
Artist available for commission? Yes, again, just email me, leave me a comment on my deviant, or hit me up on Facebook. If you request something, I’ll make it, doesn’t matter the toy.

Tribal Tattoo – João Silva

May 13, 2010 Author: Raphael | Filed under: João Silva, Kidrobot 8" Munny


Artist name: Mauricio Murillo
Artist website:
Artist location: Orlando, check
Toy Name: EGB
Toy Type: Munny
Toy Story: Designed after my paintings by the name “Exploding Gummy Bear”
Toy Available for sale: Yes, please send me an email at mauricio.murillo1 [at]
Artist available for commission? Yes, please use the information provided above for contacting this artist.

EGB – Mauricio Murillo

May 6, 2010 Author: Raphael | Filed under: Mauricio Murillo


Artist name: BELL
Artist website:
Artist location: Poland
Toy Name: Weapon XII
Toy Type: I’WZL 3, page 5″
Toy Story: The idea of this toy was been inspired by X-Men Origins: Wolverine – check her tattoo out ;)
Toy Available for sale: Yep, pill this toy is available for sale. You can find more information by e-mailing the artist.
Artist available for commission? For more information on commission requests, please e-mail BELL using cheer_up_girl [at]




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