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Jimbots Soldier - James Jimbot Demski

Artist Info: James “Jimbot” Demski, ambulance Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA
Toy Name: Jimbot’s Soldier
Toy Type: JAMUNGO 9″ BUD
Toy Story: This is a portrait of one of my MANY minions. I have THOUSANDS of these little guys guarding my fortress of solitude!
Toy Available for sale: Yes [Email artist]
Artist available for custom toy commission? YES… ALWAYS!!!!
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Animal SAM - Nico Teo

Artist Info: Nico Teo, denture Singapore []
Toy Name: Animal SAM
Toy Type: Handmade plush
Toy Story: SAM is a fun loving, helpful and positive creature. It has a passion for the little things it do. It wanna ROCK THE WORLD! Sam said: “Let’s have fun”

Sam is from plushism land. Different series of PLUSHISM plushies are all from different places to this heavenly PLUSHISM land.

In PLUSHISM land, it is filled with JOY, HAPPINESS and never lack of music. All the creatures are blessed with talents. They have their deep passion and live with a dream. It is peaceful in their world, without any bullies, enemies or selfish ones. All are helpful and friendly. You can pay them a visit, bring them home to let them share their sweet memories and happy stories. Get to know PLUSHISM plushies for miracles in your life!
Available for sale: Yes [Email artist]
Artist available for commission? Yes
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