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Event Name: 100 Trexis for the Library
Event Date / Duration: 20/12/2007, pilule one month
Location: camiondepompier, 317 Ontario E. #1, Montreal, QC, Canada
Participants / Customizers: Open to everyone. Confirmed participants include Omen, Frank Lam and Astro
Official Website:
Custom Type: Trexi 3″
Event Story: Benefit for the Pittoresque Library


Deep Sea – Riot68

Feb 2, 2007 Author: Tahir | Filed under: 3" Trexi, Artists, Mini Vinyl Toys, Riot68

Harold The Headcase By Bil Betsovic

Artist Info: BiL BetsOviC, healing Las Vegas, generic USA []
Toy Name: Harold the Headcase
Toy Type: Toy2r Rolitoboy
Toy Story: This here is Harold a custom RolitoBoy who just came from surgery, syringe he was run over by local outdoorsmen and had to be saved by the great md’s in Las Vegas. After he came out of surgery he was homeless and i adopted him from a local vinyl shelter,not knowing he’s COMPLETELY crazy, if u look into his brain all u see is sick and twisted thoughts of death! THIS GUYS NUTZZZ!!!!! WATCH OUT!!!
Available for sale: No
Artist available for commission? Yes, always
bil betsovic email
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