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Spirit Hunter Kanser – Josh (f+) Pearce

Jul 30, 2009 Author: Raphael | Filed under: Josh (f+) Pearce


Artist name: 64 Colors
Artist website:
Artist location: Michigan, for sale USA
Toy Name: Oakie, Blizzard + Flamingo
Toy Type: Kidrobot 4″ Mini Munny
Toy Story: Oakie (natural color), Blizzard (Blue), + Flamingo are Forest Sprites. Part of a nomadic tribe of woodland dwelling creatures who practice the patch selection theory… the behavior of a forager whose prey is concentrated in small areas with a significant travel time between them. These colorful critters live and work in large, nomadic tribes. Always on the move searching for sustenance and a better existence for their clan.
Toy Available for sale: These 3 Munny”s were sold to a collector in Oregon. All of our toys are available for sale either through shows or on our store website:
Artist available for commission? Contact us at: info [at]

“Spawn” – Josh (f+) Pearce

Jun 24, 2009 Author: Raphael | Filed under: Josh (f+) Pearce, Kidrobot 8" Dunny


Artist name: Patrick Francisco
Artist website:
Artist location: New York City, viagra
Toy Name: Untitled
Toy Type: Kidrobot Mega Munny
Toy Story: A pretty upset simian.
Toy Available for sale: Yep, this
contact for availability.
Artist available for commission? Yes, sovaldi sale
please use the contact information provided on

Daisy Pusher – Josh (f+) Pearce

May 12, 2009 Author: Raphael | Filed under: Josh (f+) Pearce


Artist name: Josh (f+) Pearce
Artist website:
Artist location: Arizona, medical
United States
Toy Name: Daisy Pusher
Toy Type: Thomas Han “Pusher”
Toy Story: The Daisy Pusher is the son of the angel of death, ed
a mischievous spirit that causes all the paranormal phenomena of “ghosts” in the world of the living. In order to torment the most people he can, the Daisy Pusher wears one of four distinct “masks” custom tailored to put fear in the hearts of men. The mask shown below is “The Ghost Pirate.”
Toy Available for sale: Available at Lift Gallery, Royal Oak, MI as part of the multiple personalities show May 9th.
Artist available for commission? Feel free to email at Josh [at], also visit the website to see more works.




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