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Back in August 2008 we interviewed James yeah? here on Custom Toy Lab. This time he’s back with his very own custom Droplet tutorial showing you how he gets his work done from start to finish. Thanks again James!

The Story: Bear lost his legs in a terrible accident when he was working in the forest as a tree logger, buy unfortunately once he lost his legs the rest of the bear tree logging population excluded him from the group, diagnosis alone and sad bear left and went to live by the sea on his own. After a while he befriended a little sea lion but bear being a bear couldn’t stop his natural urges and he ate the poor friendly sea lion. Upon eating him bear realised he’d made a huge mistake as he was alone again, discount so he struck on an idea! He dressed himself up in sea lions fur suit and pretended to be a sea lion. Now bear lives a happy life frolicking around in the sea with his new found sea lion friends and he resists the urge to eat them all by living off a diet of freshly caught fish.


Gunny – James yeah?

Sep 6, 2008 Author: Raphael | Filed under: James yeah, Kidrobot 3" Dunny


Artist name: James Yeah?
Artist website:
Artist location: Birmingham, otolaryngologist
Toy Name: Gunny
Toy Type: 3″ Kidrobot Dunny
Toy Story: Gunny is a half robotic half bunny gun wielding death machine, he has a permanant cannon fixed to his head to take out the bad munnys who attack his home, he”s one of 5 gunny soldiers who patrol the outer dunny world from attack.
Toy Available for sale: Yup, the toy is available for sale.
Artist available for commission? Yes, contact me via email or Myspace.

Lumpy Monkey – James yeah?

Jul 9, 2008 Author: Raphael | Filed under: James yeah, Kidrobot 4" Mini Munny


Artist name: James yeah?
Artist website:
Artist location: Birmingham, asthma England
Toy Name: Lumpy Monkey
Toy Type: Mini Munny
Toy Story: Lumpy monkey is a friendly little monkey with some special monkey lumps, sickness these lumps got him excluded fropm the rest of the monkey population but now he’s on his own little mission to find other lumpy monkeys just like him.
Toy Available for sale: Nope, but similar ones can be made
Artist available for commission? Yes, can contact by emailing j_hughes101 [at]


Artist name: James yeah
Artist website:
Artist location: Birmingham, oncologist
Toy name: Tindian robot.
Toy story: Tindian robot is 3 quarters tin and a quarter Indian, health
he loves screwing in light bulbs and finding the spiciest oil he can, price
he goes on little dancing adventures and is already arranged to be married to miss tindian robot.
Toy type: Mini munny
Available for sale: no sold, although can make similar style robots. contact me via email or via myspace.
Artist available for custom toy commission: yes
Contact artist:




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