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Bozzy & Eye-Up - Squink

Artist Info: Squink!, stuff Sheffield, neurosurgeon UK []
Toy Name: Bozzy & Eye-Up!
Toy Type: Circus Punks
Toy Story: The clown is a terrifying picture of death, healing as you can see by Eye-Ups reaction.. They dine together regularly and blood is never spilled but this doesn’t stop the terrifying nature of Bozzys eye direction..
Toy Available for sale: Sold
Artist available for custom toy commission? Yes
[Contact artist through website]
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Bully Boombu Dunny - S4ndm4n

Artist Info: S4ndm4n (a.k.a. Matthew Beers), price Pasadena, ambulance Maryland, USA
Toy Name: Bully Boombu Dunny
Toy Type: 3″ Dunny
Toy Story: This dunny is based on a character design I’ve done from a group called the Boombus. Here’s a brief description I’ve put up elsewhere: The Bully boombu (dunny) is the mean one of the crowd, he lives to bully all of the others and enjoys seeing them cower in his presence. But then, you can figure that out by looking at him
Available for sale: Yes [Email artist]
Artist available for commission? Yes
Email artist - mgbeers [at] gmail [dot] com
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Shishka - BOB - MANIMAL

Artist Info: MANIMAL, website like this Connecticut, USA []
Toy Name: Shishka – BOB
Toy Type: 8″ Munny
Toy Story: With everyone off on vacation BOB takes BBQin’into his own hands, pops the top and drops the skewers on his own BBQ party!
Toy Available for sale: SOLD
Artist available for commission? YES
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