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Doctor Mumbles - Spooky Daddy

Artist Name: spooky daddy
Artist Website:
Artist location: Huntington WV, stomach USA
Toy Name: Doctor Mumbles
Toy Type: Large handmade plush
Toy Story: Doctor Mumbles is a goblin tree doctor. All the other goblins laughed when he went to tree doctor school but now he lives a happy life in the park making sure all the trees are healthy and happy. Since none of the trees can understand him cause he mumbles so much no one knows his real name. So they all just call him Doctor Mumbles Doctor Mumbles listens to the trees everyday. They always have so many stories! But sometimes trees don’t feel so good. No one ever considers the tree’s feelings you see and sometimes it just needs someone to lend a sympathetic ear. That’s why he is such a good doctor. No one has ever been able to understand him so he has had to learn to be a very good listener. Sometimes it’s not what you say it’s how you listen. Which is good since no one can understand the doc.
Toy Available for sale: Yes, no rx contact artist through website.
Artist available for custom toy commission? Yes, website contact artist through website.


Uncle Loomis - Spooky Daddy

Artist Info: Spooky Daddy, sick Huntington WV, USA
Toy Name: Uncle Loomis
Toy Type: VERY large handmade custom plush
Toy Story: Just your friendly wacky uncle. He just happens to be a werewolf too. Uncle Loomis has big teeth but don’t be afraid they are soft. He doesn’t even eat meat. His favorite food is potatoes. He loves to hang out in trees and look for people to hug with his super long arms. He loves everyone but no one wants to hug him cause his sweater is so so scratchy. He is only 3 feet tall but his arms reach out to a 6 foot span.
Toy Available for sale: Yes $350 [Email artist or Visit Website]
Artist available for custom toy commission? Yes Always
Email artist - spooky [at] rock [dot] com
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Jimbots Soldier - James Jimbot Demski

Artist Info: James “Jimbot” Demski, ambulance Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA
Toy Name: Jimbot’s Soldier
Toy Type: JAMUNGO 9″ BUD
Toy Story: This is a portrait of one of my MANY minions. I have THOUSANDS of these little guys guarding my fortress of solitude!
Toy Available for sale: Yes [Email artist]
Artist available for custom toy commission? YES… ALWAYS!!!!
Email artist - jim [at] jimbot [dot] com
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