Spit & Polish was something all custom toy fans have been dreaming about for a very long time. Doktor A finally got the solo show he deserves and boy did he live up to the expectation with some magnificent custom pieces. The highlight of show for me is the custom Soopa Coin Op Bros titled “The Secret History of Video Games: Pac Gentleman”.

This is what Doktor A had to say about the piece;
“When this game was first released in 1880 it was so hugely popular in taverns and inns that the bank of England was forced to mint more threepenny bits to keep up with demand. The game was created by messrs Nam & Nam and Co. as a novelty pastime for the masses. Outdoing the previous top public house game of Shove Ha’penny. “

Check out the rest of the customs below and any custom toy artists out there take note. The show runs until Nov 31st at Cardboard Spaceship in California, online USA.

Images via Doktor A