Event Name: 100 Trexis for the Library
Event Date / Duration: 20/12/2007, pilule one month
Location: camiondepompier, 317 Ontario E. #1, Montreal, QC, Canada
Participants / Customizers: Open to everyone. Confirmed participants include Omen, Frank Lam and Astro
Official Website: www.camiondepompier.com
Custom Type: Trexi 3″
Event Story: Benefit for the Pittoresque Library

100 Trexis for the Library!


Trexis are small plastic figurines, in this case white, ready to be painted, carved or otherwise customized at the artist’s convenience. In the world of designer toys, these toys are called “platforms”, the most famous of which being the Munnys and Qees. The Trexi is the platform created by Singapore’s Play Imaginative.


This is an invitation to everyone, designers, animators, graffiti artists, sculptors, students, and doodlers from 3 to 133 years old to wield their brushes, markers and scalpels and customize a hundred 3″ Trexis.


The Pittoresque Library is a non-profit organisation devoted to the archival of international independent popular culture. Sharing a space with the designer toy store camiondepompier, its collection is at the moment mainly composed of Japanese comics in Japanese language (aka manga). It would need a bit of money to improve its collection and insure its survival! The profits from sold works (through an auction) will thus go to the Library.

The participating artists will also be eligible to win nice prizes!

First prize: a Marsh Mellow by Christopher Lee (value: 100$)
Second prize: a 6″ Tinpo by UNKLbrand (value: 50$)
Third prize: a Trexi 2+ by Touma or Joe Ledbetter (value: 15$)

All the winners will also receive a membership card for the Library.


You come to camiondepompier to get a Trexi. They come with eight different kinds of heads (square, oval, round, with ears, horns or headphones…) but all have the same size (three inches) and the same prize (about ten dollars). They will be available as soon as they arrive from Singapore, around December 4th.

Next step: you paint it and bring it back two days before the exhibition (December 20th). You can paint more than one if you want. Each figurine will give you one vote for the contest – but you can’t vote for your own work!

The figurines will be sold in an auction. If your work isn’t sold at the end of the exhibition (in January), you can take it back home and cherish it for the rest of your days… Sweet! If it is sold, the Library thanks you for your help! Well, it thanks you either way. It’s nice like that.


At camiondepompier, Montreal’s art toy store, and the Pittoresque Library, both of which sharing a space on 317 Ontario E. #1, corner of St-Denis, Berri-UQAM station.


The vernissage will be Thursday December 20th at 6pm. But come drop your works two days before so we have time to install everything properly!

Thursday December 20th at camiondepompier… Say, isn’t that the perfect time and place for Christmas gifts as well? You bet it is!

And if I’m not in Montreal?

The figurines will also be available at Morgan Bridge (367 du Pont) in Quebec City.

Participants from outside these two cities are more than welcome to participate, but we sadly don’t have the means to send you a figurine, pay to have it sent back to us, and then pay a third time for it to be sent back to you if it isn’t sold in the end. If you buy your own figurine (at Magic Pony in Toronto or My Plastic Heart in NYC, for example) and send it to us, it will be considered as a donation – unless you pay for the return postage. If your work wins a prize, it will of course be sent to you!