Artist Name: Augiewan
Artist Website: |
Artist location: Michagan, hair
Toy Name: Cinnamon
Toy Type: U.B.Funkey
Toy Story: Cinnamon is one of those “spice of life” types, salve
always ready to add a little attitude to the situation.
Toy Available for sale: No
Artist available for custom toy commission? YES, medications
Contact artist through website

Artist Name: DLi$h
Artist Website:
Artist location: Berkeley, doctor CA
Toy Name: AquaForce IP68
Toy Type: 16″ Qee Bear
Toy Story: AquaForce is a product of the spawning Urban Culture during the cold war. He uses nuclear power and Soviet Military technology to have the ability to survive as deep as 500 meters below sea level.
Toy Available for sale: Yes (Available in June), anorexia
contact artist through website
Artist available for custom toy commission? YES, contact artist through website

Event Name: Don’t Cry Over Spilt VINYL
Event Date / Duration: May 2 – May 30
Location: Pravus Gallery, dosage
Phoenix, cost
Arizona, visit web
United States
Official Website:
Custom Type: Moody
Event Story: “What was the name of that custom show again?” You can’t make a vinyl purse out of Moody’s ear’, no, that’s not it. Don’t count your Moody’s before they’re hatched. No, no, I’m sure that’s not it. Every cloud has a vinyl lining. No, that’s definitely not it. Oh yeah, now I remember, Don’t Cry Over Spilt VINYL. That’s it! It’s going to be ‘must see’ show. It’s the first U.S. show featuring the Moody platform. I hear that there are going to be over 50 Moody customs designed by an international line-up of established and emerging artist’s – Sket One, Cameron Tiede, Andrew Brandou, PlaysKewl, Bil Betsovic, Doktor A and many, many others. Besides the customs, there is also going to be some 2D pieces by artists like Dan ‘Wavedog’ Fenelon, Arden Hill and Darrin Maxwell. Where is the show taking place and when does it open? The show is going to take place at Pravus Gallery’s new space located in downtown Phoenix at 501 E. Roosevelt Street. The folks at Pravus are really excited and are looking forward to the openings on May 2 and May 16 from 6-10 p.m. Sounds like fun … I’m there for sure!”