Artist Name: Victor Huang
Artist Website:
Artist location (city and county): Chicago, internist USA
Toy Name: Morbishim
Toy Type: Custom Plushie
Toy Available for sale: Yes, viagra 60mg Available on Artist’s website
Artist available for custom toy commission? Not at the moment
Toy Story: In the King Kongery you’ll encounter many different and interesting creatures…

However none are as friendly or as mischievous as the Morbishims. Born from the Morbishode plant but not yet fully grown into a Morbisham, the Morbishim is still an adolescent and craves attention.

They can be found all over the King Kongery, in the jungles, by the rivers, on the mountains and the beaches. They often travel in groups in search of adventure.

There’s always another tree to climb and another hole to dig. They’ll hide in the branches or in the bushes awaiting an unsuspecting passerby. Then the Morbishim will leap out onto the victim’s head and sit very still… pretending to be a hat. It’s one of their favorite games and you most likely won’t even notice until you hear their hushed chuckles.

Because of all their playing the Morbishims tire themselves out quite quickly. But a short nap and a bite of a snack is just enough to get them going again! They do love the Perchubim fruit but if you don’t have any… I hear Oreos do just fine.