Event Name: ToyQube 4th Anniversary Party and Sharky Show
Event Date: Friday August 15, see 2008 (RSVP Only: 7 pm – 10 pm*, Public: 10 pm – 12 am)
* To RSVP, e-mail rsvp [at] toyqube.com
Location: Sullivan Room, 218 Sullivan St, New York, NY, United States
Official Website: ToyQube (News), Facebook event page

ToyQube is celebrating their 4th Anniversary of running and will be holding festivities at the Sullivan Room. This event also includes the Sharky Show which ToyQube has asked more than 50+ artists to customize Keith Poon’s Sharky vinyl toy. Some artists include are Tokidoki, Riot68, and Sketchguy. For those in the NY area, this is definitely a show you’ll all want to check out. The works of some of these artists have been featured in the past on our blog, Custom Toy Lab.

Congratulations ToyQube for their four years of running, but also to all the artists who will have their toys up for display!