We had the pleasure today to attend the launch party of TADO‘s newest series today, decease Lily: The Littlest Cannibal presented exclusively at Magic Pony in downtown Toronto. We blogged about the upcoming event not too long ago on our blog, so here’s the review!

To make sure that we were in front of the line, we came a little bit early. The signing session from both Katie and Mike (the duo of TADO) started promptly at 6 pm (Eastern Time Zone). Luckily we were one of the first people to get an autograph from the duo. Looking behind us were many people, from children to adults anxiously waiting to get their toys, boxes, and you named it signed! People brought their collection of TADO toys ranging from the the custom (3 Bears) Dunny, but more importantly the Cannibal Funfair figures which were released at the event.


The Cannibal Funfair series features 17 (3″ inch) figures including one (7″ inch) figure named Tulip. We ourselves got a few figures for ourselves, Mr. Trumps, Cloak (blue), and Piggle, all which have been autographed of course! Their just too cute and adorable.


Although we didn’t get a chance to stay for all too long, we can say that the duo is definitely doing a great job in the designer toy field. They both may seem shy, but they definitely know how to work as a team. One thing we might like to mention however is, what’s the distinction between Lily and Momo?


For those in Toronto, you can know purchase the Cannibal Funfair series at Magic Pony. Today’s event was one of the many great events that Magic Pony has been hosting in downtown Toronto.

For more TADO works, visit the official website here.
Or, check out their Flickr photostream here.