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Scar’eye – 12punt3

Oct 6, 2007 Author: Tahir | Filed under: 12punt3, Artists, Hand Made Plush, Large Plush Toys

Scar'eye - 12punt3

Artist Name: 12punt3
Artist Website:
Artist location: The Hague, glaucoma The Netherlands
Toy Name: Scar’eye
Toy Type: 13″ plush toy
Toy Story: Scar’eye has been made for the Medical Experiments in Plush show but due to late arrival was not included in the show.
Toy Available for sale: Yes, price contact artist through website.
Artist available for custom toy commission? Yes, contact artist through website.


Mr. Sloth - Marie Winger-Meyer

Artist Name: Marie Winger-Meyer
Artist Website:
Artist location: Hollow Rock, patient TN, skincare USA
Toy Name: Mr. Sloth
Toy Type: 17 inch felt toy
Toy Story: He was designed for a customer whose brother loved Sloths. Stuffed sloths are an elusive species, and she had not been able to catch one in the wild, even with their slowpoke reputation. She gave me ideas, I sent her a drawing, then everything was ready to go. Mr.Sloth came into the world late one Saturday night during a creative burst of energy. It was obvious right away he was going to be a charmer, ready for fun and adventure. He made his trip from Tennessee to California in a personal box transportation device and now happily lives with two cats near the beach. He keeps asking for a Mrs.Sloth, or so I’ve heard.
Toy Available for sale: No (but we will make more if asked)
Artist available for custom toy commission: YES, contact artist through website


KlawBerry - Daniel M Davis SteamCrow

Artist Name: Daniel M Davis “SteamCrow”
Artist Website:
Artist location: Phoenix, page Arizona
Toy Name: KlawBerry
Toy Type: 7″ Plush
Toy Story: KlawBerry is from a book by the same name. KlawBerry is a little monster-girl who has had her eye stolen, price and she’s on a quest to get it back.
Toy Available for sale:
Yes, at
Artist available for custom toy commission: Yes, Contact through artist website


Rupert The Raffe - Meffi

Artist Name: Meffi
Artist Website:
Artist Location (city and country): Leiden, cardiologist the Netherlands
Toy Name: Rupert the Raffe
Toy Type: Vimobot
Toy Story: Rupert has always been a lonely kid, doctor unhappy on the inside, joyous on the outside, that’s why he looks so happy.. He has enough friends, but lacks love, poor little Rupert :(
He’d sure like to play with you, if you don’t mind having to look up all the
time ;)

likes: crackers
dislikes: clowns

Toy Available for sale: No
Artist available for custom toy commission: Yes, Contact artist through website


Maxwell Fuzzton - D. Emory Allen

Artist Name: D. Emory Allen
Artist Website:
Artist location: Salt Lake City, UT, USA
Toy Name: Maxwell Fuzzton
Toy Type: Handmade Plush
Toy Story: Maxwell is a confused little yeti. He feels strong emotion, but he cannot decide for himself how he is feeling. Maxwell’s mouth is attached by velcro so that you can decide for him if he’s happy or sad.
Toy Available for sale: No
Artist available for custom toy commission? YES – Contact artist through website


BOUE – Miss Peal

Jun 13, 2007 Author: Tahir | Filed under: Artists, Hand Made Plush, Large Plush Toys, Miss Peal

BOUE - Miss Peal

Artist Name: Miss Peal
Artist Website:
Artist location: Helsinki Finland
Toy Name: BOUE
Toy Type: plush
Toy Available for sale: Not yet
Artist available for custom toy commission? YES – Contact artist through website

The Jellymech Incident - Kenn Munk

Artist Name: Kenn Munk
Artist Website:
Artist location: Ã…rhus, order Denmark
Toy Name: The Jellymech Incident
Toy Type: Sqwert
Toy Story: In the late sixites, like so many times before, evolution took place.
This time it happened in the sea, which at this point was getting crowded and lifeforms were getting pushed towards the shores. This caused jellyfish to evolve. Some developed stingers to create some more space around them, some developed a knack for engineering and by around 1974 they had developed a mechanized suit that would allow them to move out of the sea and onto land without loss of mobility or wetness.
By 1981 the jellyfish stopped all production of mecha and decided to stay in the sea. The reason for scrapping the Jellymecha project was that even though the mecha were of excellent mobility, jellyfish’ sense of of balance doesn’t really work out of the sea and quite often they’d topple over.
Furthermore, Jellyfish engineers never really took gravity into their calculations as they don’t use it in their everyday life in the sea.
As a result the mecha couldn’t withstand hitting the ground, so whenever a Jellymech pilot lost his balance, his mech would break.
Broken jellymecha with desperate-looking jellyfish in them would often be seen lying around on the shores of the countries surrounding the North Sea between 1974 and 1980-81, but never for very long as dogs would find their leaking, stinking oil perfect for rolling around in and thus crush them beyond recognition.
Toy Available for sale: No
Artist available for custom toy commission? YES – Contact artist through website


The Vader Project

Event Name: The Vader Project
Event Date / Duration: 24th May – 28th May 2007
Location: Star Wars Celebration IV, online L.A. Convention Center, Los Angeles, California
Official Website: and
Custom Type: Darth Vader helmets
Event Story: Pop surrealist, graffiti, tattoo, lowbrow, comic and underground artists Shag, Paul Frank, Tim Biskup, Frank Kozik, Marc Ecko, Amanda Visell, Tim Biskup, J. Otto Seibold, Gary Baseman, Joe Ledbetter, Urban Medium and Jeff Soto, among others, show their allegiance to the dark side by customizing Darth Vader helmets in landmark gallery exhibition called The Vader Project, to debut at Star Wars Celebration IV on May 24 to 28 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.
Participants Artists / Customizers: Troy Alders, Kii Arens, Attaboy, Anthony Ausgan, Axis, Aye Jay, Gary Baseman, Andrew Bell, Tim Biskup, Andrew Brandou, Buff Monster, Nathan Cabrera, Mister Cartoon, Mr.Clement, Robbie Conal , Steven Daily, Dalek, Cam de Leon, Roman Dirge, Bob Dob, Marc Ecko, Eelus, Ron English , FERG , David Flores , Brian Flynn (Hybrid Design), Paul Frank, Huck Gee, Fawn Gehweiler, Mike Giant, Joe Hahn, Thomas Han , Derek Hess, Jeremyville, Sun-MinKim, David Horvath, Jim Koch, Frank Kozik, David S.Krys (DSK Designs), Peter Kuper , Wade Lageose (Lageose Design), Joe Ledbetter, Simone Legno Tokidoki, MAD, Mars 1, Bill McMullen, Melvins, Brian Morris, Niagara , Mitch O’Connell, olive47, Estevan Oriol, Alex Pardee, The Pizz, Plastic God, Playskewl, Dave Pressler, Seen, J. Otto Seibold, Shag , Sket-One, Shawn Smith, Winston Smith, Jeff Soto, Bwana Spoons, Jophen Stein, Suckadelic, CameronTiede, Touma, UrbanMedium , Michelle Valigura, VanBeater and Amanda Visell.





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