Artist name: Laura + Eric – 64 Colors
Artist website: 64colors.com
Artist location: Michigan, pharm
Toy Name: Woody
Toy Type: 6.5″ Rocketworld I.W.G. figure (Bear)
Toy Story: Woody… A fully evolved and extremely dangerous killing machine. Do not be fooled by his cute and cuddly demeanor. Enter their forest lair and be prepared as they descend upon their victims unseen and unannounced. Is it a tree or is it a bear?… Actually both! Woody are quite selective in their choice of prey. Brownies and Girl Scouts are a favorite meal especially during cookie selling season. Watch as it”s victim slowly dissolves in what is literally a knot, that is his stomach. Delicious with a “Thin Mint” and a glass of milk!
Toy Available for sale: Unfortunately this toy is not available for sale.
Artist available for commission? We do customs for shows (IWG Bear for example) and commissions as well. Contact us through our website: info [at] 64colors.com