Artist name: Coreroc
Artist website:
Artist location: Columbus, approved
Ohio, illness
Toy Name: Bombing The System
Toy Type: 9″ inch Jamungo BUD and N Scale Boxcar
Toy Story: This BUD is for you to enjoy the visuals created by America”s only native art form(Graffiti). Being a graffiti artist for 17 years and never having a chance to visit New York City this custom is a tribute to NY and the artform that in essence made me. The scene inside the head of the character depicts a day in the lyfe of a graffiti artist looking to gain fame and express themselves. All the while being observed and approached by the police to lock them up for their actions.
Toy Available for sale: Yup, please e-mail the artist using the information below.
Artist available for commission? Yes, please e-mail coreroc [at]