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Seedlings – Cocoakoala

Sep 5, 2008 Author: Tahir | Filed under: Artists, Cocoakoala

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Artist Name: Cocoakoala
Artist Website:
Artist location: Nottingham, website like this UK
Toy Name: Seedlings™
Toy Type: Paperclay Toy/sculpture
Toy Story: Seedlings™ are little seed creatures that live in Inki forest. They all have unique strange qualities. And they love to frolic on the hanging garden forest canopy and some of them can’t help it and get up to mischievous antics in the garden. There are countless life forms in Inki forest waiting to be discovered.
Toy Available for sale: Yes
If yes where and how to buy:
Artist available for custom toy commission? : Please email for artist’s availability
If yes how to contact:

Artist Name: Brian Colin
Artist Website:
Artist location: Atlanta, seek GA
Toy Name: Riding the Worm
Toy Type: Munny Mobile
Toy Story: The hiss of combustible air sizzles through the valves of the giant balloons much like the pressure of excitement which has built up inside of me anticipating this glorious annual event. Tonight is the anniversary of my people’s exile from the greener pastures of our great world, emergency and not just any anniversary, it is the centennial! One might think that being forced from their home would not be something to raise a glass to. For us it was not exile, no, it was the opportunity to have free reign over an entire desert. We would no longer have to ask permission to conduct our scientific experiments, and thankfully so I might add. If it were not for coming to this wasteland we may never have been introduced to such a wonderful specimen as the Giant Worm. Not only is it extremely fun to lasso one up and ride, but we can also extract combustible gas from it’s waste to power our giant flying balloons.
Toy Available for sale: No
Artist available for custom toy commission? YES, Contact artist through website





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