Event Name: Cardboard Spaceship presents Introvert Extrovert
Event Date: September 5, visit 2008
Location: Cardboard Spaceship Art & Toy Gallery, 803 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz, California, United States, 95060
Participants / Customizers: Scribe (aka. D. Ross)
Official Website: Cardboard Spaceship (Blog), Scribe (Official Website)

Cardboard Spaceship will be presenting the works of Scribe (aka. D. Ross) on September 5, 2008 which will include custom art and toys by the artist. Drawings that accompany the Munny found in the event poster will be available for show as well at the event. Scribe himself will be present for the event. That means you’ll be able to meet Scribe for yourself, but even get an autograph if you wish!

*There is a mistake on the website provided with the poster, just letting everyone know it should be cardboardspaceship.net