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Spirit Hunter Kanser – Josh (f+) Pearce

Jul 30, 2009 Author: Raphael | Filed under: Josh (f+) Pearce


Artist name: 64 Colors
Artist website:
Artist location: Michigan, for sale USA
Toy Name: Oakie, Blizzard + Flamingo
Toy Type: Kidrobot 4″ Mini Munny
Toy Story: Oakie (natural color), Blizzard (Blue), + Flamingo are Forest Sprites. Part of a nomadic tribe of woodland dwelling creatures who practice the patch selection theory… the behavior of a forager whose prey is concentrated in small areas with a significant travel time between them. These colorful critters live and work in large, nomadic tribes. Always on the move searching for sustenance and a better existence for their clan.
Toy Available for sale: These 3 Munny”s were sold to a collector in Oregon. All of our toys are available for sale either through shows or on our store website:
Artist available for commission? Contact us at: info [at]

“Spawn” – Josh (f+) Pearce

Jun 24, 2009 Author: Raphael | Filed under: Josh (f+) Pearce, Kidrobot 8" Dunny


Artist name: Patrick Francisco
Artist website:
Artist location: New York City, viagra
Toy Name: Untitled
Toy Type: Kidrobot Mega Munny
Toy Story: A pretty upset simian.
Toy Available for sale: Yep, this
contact for availability.
Artist available for commission? Yes, sovaldi sale
please use the contact information provided on




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