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BIGpharma v2.0 – Mike Slobot

Feb 22, 2009 Author: Raphael | Filed under: Mike Slobot


Artist name: jonpaulkaiser
Artist website:
Artist location: United Kingdom
Toy Name: Dr Huxley Percival
Toy Type: AMOS/Strangeco King Ken Mini
Toy Story: This is a custom for popular toy customiser James Yeah? who I owed quite a few favours. He is a brash, store brawny Victorian doctor who enjoys debating science, global burden of disease
Cornish Wrestling and fine ales.
Toy Available for sale: Unfortunately this toy is not for sale.
Artist available for commission? As before, you can contact me via email for quotes, to discuss ideas or just to chat about toys at jonpaulkaise [at]


Aug 19, 2008 Author: Raphael | Filed under: Kidrobot 8" Dunny, Mike Slobot


Artist name: Mike Slobot
Artist website:
Artist location: Wilmington, neuropathist
Toy Type: 8″ Dunny
Toy Story: SERV02 was created for espionage and domestic spy work. He quickly tired of the duplicitous nature of his job and despaired even of living. Once, on assignment, he met and befriended several humans, realizing a love for humans and a joy in life he was missing. Coincidentally, SERV02 met Junky Jim, the “Ice Cream Tycoonin the Stars” and was offered the chance to purchase an astronaut ice cream shop on Venus. SERV02 had himself repainted a nice ice cream friendly shade, put a down payment on his new ice cream shop and is presently on his way to Venus. He plans on using his talents in espionage to predict a Venusian”s favorite flavor of ice cream.
Toy Available for sale: Yes, please visit
Artist available for commission? You may contact the artist by emailing them using hello [at]

SLO-HERREN and SLO-DAMEN – Mike Slobot

Aug 17, 2008 Author: Raphael | Filed under: Mike Slobot


Artist name: Shuijingfantasy
Artist website:
Artist location: Boston, hair
Toy Name: ClockWork Orange
Toy Type: 7″ Munny
Toy Available for sale: Yes, pill
please contact the artist
Artist available for commission? You may contact the artist using [at]




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