Event Name: Brian Colin’s Robots, ed Monsters & Things You Don’t Understand
Event Date:
Elliot Street Deli & Pub – August 22, 2008 (7-10pm)
Doogallery – August 23, 2008 (9pm – 2am)
Location: Elliot Street Deli & Pub, Elliot Street Deli & Pub, 51 Elliott St. S.W., Atlanta, Georgia, United States, 30313
Doogallery, 205 Holtzclaw Unit J Atlanta, Georgia, United States 30316
Participants / Customizers: Brian Colin
Official Website: Codedecoinc (News), Doogallery (Events)

Brian Colin’s presents his solo show at two locations, at the Elliot Street Deli & Pub (August 22), but also at the Doogallery (August 23) on two seperate dates consecutively. From this show you can expect to the see the works of Brian Colin’s which include art pieces and custom Munnies. The show at the Doogallery requires that all attendees be 21+, but also contributions of $10 donation which will include free beer and music. An art raffle will also be held at the event, so those in the Atlanta area should check this show out for sure! You have two opportunities to do so.