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Pinocchio Dunny – Sarah S

Dec 4, 2007 Author: Tahir | Filed under: Artists, Kidrobot 3" Dunny, Mini Vinyl Toys, Sarah S

Pinocchio Dunny - Sarah S

Artist Name: Sarah S.
Artist Website:
Artist County: Riverside county, sickness CA
Toy Name: Pinocchio Dunny
Toy Type: 3″ dunny
Toy Story: Pinocchio ditches school for fun and games at Pleasure Island, and is shocked to find out that naughty little girls and boys turn into donkeys. This is my first custom… Using the drill was fun part.
Toy available: Yes, I’m currently auctioning it. You can send me a note at my little web gallery if you’re interested.
Artist available for custom toy commission: Yes


Custom Dunny Auction For Kika

Nov 1, 2007 Author: Tahir | Filed under: Artists, Kidrobot 3" Dunny, Mini Vinyl Toys

The Dunny’s from the 1st custom Dunny Expo are now online for auction till November 15th. All the money raised goes to KIKA (Childeren cancer free).

Bid on the Dunny customs here:


Artist Name: Doktor A.
Artist Website:
Artist location: The Pennine Mountains, advice UK
Toy Name: Nautilus & Diver
Toy Type: 8″ and 3″ Kidrobot Dunnys
Toy Available for sale: NO
Artist available for custom toy commission: No, not currently.


Dunny Land House Set - JennyFur Deveraux

Artist Info: JennyFur Deveraux.
Artist Website:
Artist location: Las Vegas, public health
Toy Name: Dunny Land.
Toy Type: 3″ Dunny display.
Toy Story: A magic place.
Available for sale: Yes, contact through Web site.
Artist available for commission? Yes, contact through Web site.


Custom Bart Simpson Qee World Tour

The Custom Bart Simpson Qee World Tour curated by Toy2r took place at various stores and galleries through out the world. Luckily the customs have been caught on tape on camera… and what an amazing custom toy tour it has been. Featuring tons of amazing artists creating their very own 10″ Bart Simpson Qee it is extremely fascinating to see everyone transforming a much loved character into something out of their dreams or nightmares.

EDIT: The Tour is coming to the Forbidden Planet Megastores in London and Bristol from 9th Oct – 4th Nov 2007 for all you UK vinyl lovers. [Thanks Danacea]

For more info and images on the tour visit Toysrevil.
More images on flickr – visit Sichi and jw1976 [images via jw1976]


White Noise DeLuxe – Tibor Simon

Sep 17, 2007 Author: Tahir | Filed under: Artists, Kidrobot 3" Dunny, Tibor Simon

KlawBerry - Daniel M Davis SteamCrow

Artist Name: Daniel M Davis “SteamCrow”
Artist Website:
Artist location: Phoenix, page Arizona
Toy Name: KlawBerry
Toy Type: 7″ Plush
Toy Story: KlawBerry is from a book by the same name. KlawBerry is a little monster-girl who has had her eye stolen, price and she’s on a quest to get it back.
Toy Available for sale:
Yes, at
Artist available for custom toy commission: Yes, Contact through artist website


Idle Labbit - Idle

Artist Info: Idle, no rx Kassel, rx Germany []
Toy Name: Idle Labbit
Toy Type: Toby HK (Blue Colorway)
Toy Story: This is supposed to me (idle.) but I have to admit that the resemblance is not really that big, approved especially since I don’t run around wearing a spandex circus suit.
Toy Available for sale: No
Artist available for custom toy commission? Yes
Email artist - idle [at] idleware [dot] com
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Tutorial: Custom ZLIKS By Bil BetsOvic

Tutorial by Bil Betsovic.





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