BOUE - Miss Peal

Artist Name: Miss Peal
Artist Website:
Artist location: Helsinki Finland
Toy Name: BOUE
Toy Type: plush
Toy Available for sale: Not yet
Artist available for custom toy commission? YES – Contact artist through website
The Psychonaut Bodhisava Bot - Squidboy

Artist Info: Squid(boy) is Shan Michael Evans.
Artist Website:
Artist location: Las Vegas U.S.A.
Toy Name: The Psychonaut Bodhisava Bot.
Toy Type: Broken Heart Robot.
Toy Story: In reference to heaven, more info
the phrase appears here and there from time to time in my works… taken from a little book called “Easy Journey to Other Planets” by A.C.Bhaktivedanta.
Available for sale: No.
Artist available for commission? Yes, always. Contact artist through website