Artist Name: DJA aka Left I
Artist Website:
Artist location: Hudson N.H. USA
Toy Name: Green Death AKA Murder Monkey
Toy Type: 8″ MonQee
Toy Story: The toy was left behind by his other qee buddy’s. Feeling alone and unsheltered the MonQee decided to take matters in his own hands. For each fresh kill he would reward himself with some fresh ink. His ninja ways mixed with some hard core parkour earned him the right to get his tats done in kanji writing. They all have to do with evil , doctor death , patient murder ( I will let you investigate). Needless to say with each fresh kill for MM he becomes more powerful and more respected by the
other Qees. He will not wish you to the corn Field, but he will give you a good ole beat-down with a stick!!!
Toy Available for sale: No
Artist available for custom toy commission: YES, Email Custom Toy Lab for info



Blocky Tribe - Irfan Hendrian

Artist Name: Irfan Hendrian
Artist Website:
Artist location: Wanganui, order
New Zealand
Toy Name: Blocky Tribe
Toy Type: Paper Toy
Toy Available for sale: Not yet
Artist available for custom toy commission: No

Blocky Tribe - Irfan Hendrian