Artist Name: DJA aka Left-I
Artist Website:
Artist location: Hudson, ophthalmologist
Toy Name: Chapter 1
Toy Type: 5″ Labbit
Toy Story: After Prez got us in a nuclear war, unhealthy
food was very scarce. The only surviving animals were labbits. 10 of the labbits were issued gas masks to avoid the fallout. They were down under in shelter for a good 2 months, health system
the weaker labbits got eaten by the surviving labbits. After the fall out was safe to go back in, 6 out of the 10 surviving labbits took an oath to kill all human kind for killing off their race. Chapter 1 was the first labbit to be exposed, although he is healing, he still ended up with lesions from the fall out. After exploring NYC and finding the surviving humans he decided to use them as food. Labbits are generally vegans but the war causes you to eat to survive.
Toy Available for sale: Sold
Artist available for custom toy commission: YES, Contact artist through website